I am a passionate transformational Life coach with focus on expatriates challenges

Insightful questions/topics covered in the sessions may include :

  1. -Are your thoughts and emotions stopping you from living as you want ? 
  2. -How can you get control of your emotions ?
  3. -How can you transform anger into passion ?
  4. -How to expand yourself  through explorative questions
  5. - What is collective conditioning and how does it impact you?

Tarifs and package options 

Based on your personal  needs and preference, you may chose one of the options available below :

  • package of 6 one-on-one sessions (60 minutes)  720 EUR (all taxes included)
  • package of 10 one-on-one sessions (60 minutes)1.200 EUR (all taxes included)
  • package of 6 group sessions (2-4 persons) 360 EUR (all taxes included)
  • package  of 10 group sessions (2-4 persons) 600 EUR all taxes included)
  • flexible options are available and can be tailored based on your needs