One-on-one or group coaching sessions (2-4 coachees) are available

( the sessions can be delivered in English, French or Romanian)

Do you, sometimes, feel trapped or stuck in certain area of your life ? 

Would you like to create for yourself new possibilities and scenarios never thought before? Do you trust yourself and the greatness within you ? 

Throughout a coaching cycle of 10 sessions, I can coach you in order to achieve the greatest version of your life !

In order to get acquainted with you, I offer an intake session, free of charge. This lasts thirty to forty-five minutes in which I give clarity on what the following sessions entail. This is also a chance for you to describe your objectives and goals, so that we can establish a plan and begin our partnership.

The coaching sessions are available via face-to-face, via Skype, phone or WhatsApp.

With coach greetings,