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“Adriana’s caring presence, her broad experience within professional environments and dedication to create a space of unconditional exploration, offered opportunities for me to find new insights and, through that, personal as well as professional expansion.”

-Pilot, KLM Amsterdam-

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"With carefully chosen words, Adriana stimulates the thought process and motivates person to deep dive and find answers to troubling questions / situations."

-Software engineer, ING Bank Amsterdam-   ING Bank logo png           

"Adriana is a great coach. She has a light touch and an easygoing manner, but keep the focus on helping you discover and inhabit the life you want. She coached me to change my way of thoughts, and follow my real aspirations, giving me the strengths to follow my own path. Post-coaching, I feel braver and more confident in my ability to follow through on my real intentions and to enjoy life ."

-Manager, Stryker Amsterdam-

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